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Beijing Smart Beam Technology is a high-tech enterprise engaged in independent research, development, production and sales of core vacuum electronic devices such as CT X-Ray tube.The company is deeply engaged in tackling key technologies such as liquid metal bearings and unipolar (anode to ground), focusing on independent research and development of high-end CT X-Ray tubes, and has established a complete capability system for CT X-Ray tube design, processing,

Product guarantee aims at customer satisfaction

The principle of giving priority to the use of hospitals, the principle of giving priority to the interests of partners, and the principle of providing information to manufacturers for quality problems

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Suitable for different series of GE, include Bright Sp...
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Suitable for 16-row CT equipments of Neusoft, United I...
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Suitable for Toshiba Asteion/Super4, Activation16 and...
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Customer satisfaction is our goal
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Address:103, Floor 1, Building 12, Yard 50, Huatuo Road, Daxing Biomedical Industry Base, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Daxing District, Beijing